Loveable twink Oliver Potter who has enjoyed relative YouTube success, recently came out to his five-year-old brother Alfie. All was caught on video for what turned out to be a nail biting, yet endearing tear jerker.

Oliver who was understandably nervous, worrying about the kind of reaction he would get, coming out to someone so young; had this to say after the video was filmed:

“Since Alfie has known I’m gay he has been as loving as always. He has even been to school and told his friends that his brother would marry a man. They all took it well and think it’s pretty cool which made me smile.”

Will this video serve as an insight into what it will be like for the next generation of LGBT+ teens coming out?

Oliver hopes it will show people that no one is too young to understand that love is love and that it gives people courage to open up the conversation with their friends, siblings, children or whoever they choose.

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