MDP Chair: Will Trump start selling admission to nat’l security meetings at Mar-a-Lago?

With President Donald Trump under increasing criticism for lax security practices that are threatening to jeopardize American security, Missouri’s Republican officeholders have so far remained silent.

“Missouri’s Republican officeholders had a lot to say about the email server belonging to a former Presidential candidate,” said Stephen Webber, Missouri Democratic Party Chair. “So why are they remaining silent while Donald Trump holds a meeting about North Korea’s missile test in full view of Mar-a-Lago guests, and let’s the nuclear football staff be posted on Facebook? Is Donald Trump going to start selling admission to national security meetings at Mar-a-Lago to the highest bidders?”

According to Capitol Hill newspaper Politico“Donald Trump’s administration is being accused of jeopardizing national security after a string of high-profile controversies over its handling of sensitive information, with Democrats and independent experts accusing the president of risking new leaks and cyberattacks. Complaints over Trump’s security practices have piled up since the start of his presidency, with the furor peaking Saturday when Trump took a phone call about a North Korean missile test while sitting in full view of the guests at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.”

In addition to holding a impromptu national security meeting in public view, Trump has continued tweeting via what’s reportedly an unsecured Android cellphone, risking hacking into his personal device. And he has left a “lockbag” — a secure pouch for transferring intergovernment information that requires restricted access — with the key in it sitting on his desk as the press snapped photos of him.

As also reported in Politico:

“It’s against best practices of operational security,” said Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service agent who now runs a private security consulting firm. “The people he surrounds himself with should know better. I don’t see that voice of reason anywhere.”

“Think about the impact an attacker could have if they could access POTUS’s phone microphone, or that of his aides, during key briefings such as the meeting in Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night,” said Mike Murray, a vice president at the mobile security company Lookout.

Throughout the Presidential campaign, virtually all of Missouri’s Republican officeholders piled criticism on Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server – but none have spoken out publicly against serious lapses in Trump Administration protocols. V

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