In We Love You, But You’re Going to Hell, Dr. Kim O’Reilly opens a dialogue about homosexuality to handle differences in opinions and beliefs safely and respectfully. Dr. O’Reilly is a lesbian raised by a conservative evangelical minister. Her journey brought her to the realizations she poured into her new book which debuts today.

Some Christians believe it is loving to demand denial of homosexuality, ending relationships, changing to heterosexuality, or remaining celibate – in order that the soul be saved.  Others believe sexual orientation is God-given, cannot be changed and that it is cruel and unloving to demand it.  How do sincere, Bible-believing Christians balance their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with gays and lesbians?  This book offers ideas and opens up the conversation.

“It is easy to single-handedly dismiss an individual or church’s belief by writing them off as conservative or liberal.  I ask readers to consider viewpoints expressed by churches and ministers with whom you might agree or disagree,” stated Dr. Kim O’Reilly.  “I encourage readers to look closely at the Scriptures cited in my book to make your own decision.  No matter where your beliefs lie, there is benefit to educating yourself.  If you believe homosexuality is a sin, the Scriptures condemn, and sexual orientation does not exist; read my book.  Argue with it, confirm your beliefs, question, or change your mind.  I invite your engagement.”

The author tackles the essential aspects of this discussion in various chapters of her book, carefully examining the seven Scriptures often used as a basis to condemn homosexuality as a sin. The book also covers sexual orientation, stereotypes and how they are perpetuated, gay marriage, and religious freedom.  She looks at how we can have conversations when we disagree – without judging or calling into question someone’s faith or salvation.

Dr. Kim O’Reilly respectfully handles the topic of Christians and homosexuality as it is close to her heart. She is an expert in the field of intercultural and cross-cultural understanding and communication. A founder and principal of Intercultural Solutions, she addresses cultural differences in the workplace through training and consulting for educators, businesses, churches, and community leaders.

Additionally, she has spent the last seventeen years working as a professor of Cultural Studies and Teacher Education, earning a collection of accolades in teaching nominations and the Senior Scholar Faculty Mentor Award. Dr. O’Reilly’s accomplishments, background, and passion push her to bring people together to bridge differences in racial, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender matters.

Dr. O’Reilly speaks from her own experience in this book as a Christian, a minister’s daughter, and a university professor.  Growing up in a conservative Christian family, she went through a journey of wanting to understand why people believe what they believe. She has a loving and close relationship with God. We Love You; But You’re Going to Hell addresses the dichotomy of love and condemnation.  Written with compassion and empathy, it provides strategies, resources, and biblical references to bridge differences and promote healing.

We Love You; But You’re Going to Hell by Dr. Kim O’Reilly is published by Elm Hill, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. The book is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardbound formats.

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