Each summer, colleges and universities are encouraged to update their Campus Climate Index with new data and information that reflects their institutions’ continuing efforts to create safer, more inclusive campuses.


Campus Pride’s 2011 Campus Climate Index includes 33 schools –nearly double from last August – receiving perfect, five-star ratings. These schools, including well-known and nationally-respected centers of academia, excelled in eight areas: 1. LGBT Policy Inclusion, 2. LGBT Support & Institutional Commitment, 3. LGBT Academic Life, 4. LGBT Student Life, 5. LGBT Housing, 6. LGBT Campus Safety, 7. LGBT Counseling & Health and 8. LGBT Recruitment and Retention Efforts.

Washington University’s entry on the index lauds the institution’s non-discrimination policy and gender-neutral housing and restrooms on campus. It also mentions parties like the Masqueerade and Gayla, fall and spring semi-formals.