And do you know, front and center with the trash talk and finger waggin’ is St. Louis’ own Sean Cameron, transplanted to La La Land and living la vida blondie.


Sean grew up in North St. Louis (and attended Pattonville for those with the high school query), but he told Vital VOICE, “When you’re black I guess you’re from both sides of the track, because I spent a lot of time in the urban community with family.”


Good with his hands and possessing a creative swagger, Sean did some hair in the Lou to help pay the bills and ended up moving to Los Angeles when he was 26 and fell into some sugar.


“I was always in the situation of dating thoroughbred people or whatever. I had the opportunity to not have to work,” he said.


But Sean decided he should do something, so he did hair, enrolling at Marinello School of Beauty—and getting tossed out.


“I got a bad mouth and temper,” he said, so he was off to the ’hood to complete his training.


Meanwhile, former financial wiz—and also former Mr. Jackee Harry—Elgin Charles was do-in’ it up at his stylish Beverly Hills salon, where he has tressed the likes of Star Jones, Angela Bassett and Joan Collins.


Sean said as spoiled as he was, he had to have the best, so he took his then-waist-length mane to be Elginized.


“They called me a black Apache,” Sean said. “As time went and I was spending my money, you get to have conversations. I told Elgin I was in beauty school. Just about a year later, he let go about 13 people on his staff. I was still a patron and he knew I finished school, so he offered me a job. That’s how I got in.”


On the show, Sean is quick with quips—usually pointed at Lolita “Lo” Goods, who “represents for the big girls.”


Created in the Bravo Network’s “Housewives” style—and bordering on the parody levels of the recent “30 Rock” episode “House of Jordan”—the show features lots of quick cuts, recaps and wacky situations. In one episode Sean cannot hold his tongue when Lolita receives a box of used hair that “allegedly” was cut off Beyonce—that accidentally gets stitched to the head of an Elgin client.


In another, the salon gets challenged to a hair battle in Miami, and Sean mixes it up with some of the challenger’s “stylists”—and almost gets Tazed.


“I don’t know what it is about me and my beauty that makes transgendered people get so annoyed,” he said of the altercation. “I think it’s ’cause they work so hard for a little piece of the beauty. Then when you get the real thing, it just fucks them all up in the head. They lose it. They come out of themselves—to the point that they want to hurt you.”


In another episode, he gets set up on a blind date with a muscle-bound pro wrassler. “On paper it’s my type but I don’t know physically. On paper he’s a perfect candidate. He’s a cool dude. He’s a nice guy. We social network communicate,” he said of the situation.


Sean doesn’t mind that all the footage gets whittled down to 20 minutes of extreme personalities and sound bites.


“Editing is a son of a bitch,” he laughed. “I’m not angry about it. I like the persona they have created for myself. It’s pretty much who I am. I’m off the chain. I’m a little bit rude, crude and obnoxious and a little loud.”


A second season is still up in the air as of press time, but Sean would like to end up in the Miami salon Elgin Charles is considering. But his larger sights are set on becoming a brand.


“Product lines. Jewelry. Possibly delve into an art career. Maybe television, movies, commercials. Just brand myself to become the boy version of Kim Kardashian without a sex tape,” Sean said.