On an early 90’s episode of The Joan Rivers Show, five of the original Club Kids (Michael Alig, James St. James, Amanda Lepore, Leigh Bowery and Ernie Glam) sat down for an interview. Joan opened the show by introducing her fabulous guests to the audience, “I would like you to meet five simple people with a dream… and a wardrobe from hell.”


As the show commenced, a dialogue developed between the Club Kids and the inquisitive audience. At which point Leigh Bowery eloquently summed up his definition of Club Kid culture, “Well I don’t think it’s so much about fashion. It’s more about expressing our ideas and having fantasies; and making them [the fantasies] all happen.”


On an episode of The Phil Donahue Show, circa 1993, James St. James spoke directly to the disillusioned youth of rural and small town America, “If you feel it then you should live it, and you should do it. Create your own scene. Fun is in your heart you know. If you have fun where you are you don’t need to go any place.”


This attitude is beautiful in its concept: By being true to ones self, and achieving an inner peace and confidence, one can exude their happiness and positively shape the world around them. Club Kid chic is not about conforming to one fashion trend or another, it’s about manifesting the essence of one’s true spirit in physical form. It’s about celebrating individuality, expression and diversity; and it’s about making life more fun.


The message and spirit of the New York Club Kids has persisted over the years and spread to cities, towns, villages and individual party-monsters around the world. This expansive Tribe of the Wildhearted has branches everywhere, including our humble city. If you’re openminded, feeling fabulous, and ready to have a good time it could blossom within you as well.


Cast: Glitter Bomb – Tyler Cross aka Siren, Pinko, Rydyr, Suzy Cydal, Nik Oktober, Ashley Fay Bell, Billy & Steven Gant. Special Guest –  Howard Campbell (a St. Louis Legend), Paul Van Klaveren, Jimmy Newman, Deejay Jian, Rob& Derick Allison.

Art Direction: Darin Slyman; Styling: Josh Barton, Alex Galindo & A.J. Thouvenot; Hair & Make-up: Sherrie McRaven, aka Shear Sherrie. Connor Murray, aka Coco Angel. Location: Attitudes Nightclub.




“I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with leotards and faux fur.” -Tyler Cross, aka Siren


“Fashion now is just about people trying to judge each other, and look better than everyone else around them… I just like to look as scary as possible all the time.” – Billy Prater, aka Zsa Zsa Amor


“Be my canvas. I will express myself. I will paint the world beautiful one at a time.” – Sherrie “Shear Sherrie” McRaven


“With drive and dedication You. Can. Do. Anything.” – Connor Murray “CoCo Angel”


“I love outfits being amazingly out there. I have to go out there and be a part of everything.” – Ashley Fay Bell