Cannabis and confections collide in To Whom It May’s world of gourmet chocolate. Inspired by iconic personalities, high-concept art and delicious delicacies, TWIM was founded on the principle of bringing health-conscious edibles to the cannabis market. Absent of refined sugars, preservatives, soy, corn or other processed ingredients, TWIM’s truffles are a premium ingredient product that reflects an ethos of sophisticated taste and high minded living.

Marrying stoner culture and luxury categories, TWIM intrigues the senses from its visually appealing boxes to its perfectly packaged truffles. Taking a cue from famous personas, flavors Vivienne, Zak, Myra and Ralph match their names to their impactful and “trippy” ingredients. A celebration of cannabis, TWIM is a reflection of those who live a sophisticated, active and productive lifestyle.

Ranging from $30 to $230, TWIM offers four individual boxes that include four, eight, or fifteen medicated truffles. For more information on TWIM, please visit towhomitmaychocolates.comV

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