The Dark Room at The Grandel’s new and expanded Photo Gallery is pleased to present a special photo exhibition, Jeannie Liataud: The Grandparents Project, on display from May 3 through July 2, with a special opening reception on Friday, May 5, from 6 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with First Fridays in Grand Center. The Dark Room Gallery offers enhanced viewing capability and ease via its dedicated galvanized steel art walls in its brand new location inside The Grandel at 3610 Grandel Square in the heart of the Grand Center Arts District.

For artist Jeannie Liautaud, the subject of her photographic series The Grandparents Project came about through a personal exploration into the essence of her own grandmother, who passed away in 2013. Liautaud had made images of her, but wanted to honor her memory further. She wanted to create a testament to what it means to age and still be vital; to grow old but to remain steadfastly kind, amiable and tenacious.

“The portraits aren’t meant to be revelatory, they’re meant to be sincere,” Liautaud says of her work. Indeed they are. She began the series to look for the glimmer of the grandmother that she knew and loved in others like her, but what she found is heartfelt and relatable to us all — a grouping of elderly men and women, all sharing the commonality of being grandparents, yet each unique and vibrant in their own way. The project is dedicated in loving memory of Norma Jeanne Rogers.

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