Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made a stop in St. Louis today, and with the mix of loyal supporters and faithful protesters, the rally was nothing short of a spectacle. With more than half a dozen people thrown out during the rally, supporters left feeling empowered but the opposition did not let them leave without a piece of their mind. In being a part of both the rally inside and the protests outside, Vital VOICE gives you a glimpse of both sides. If you haven’t already, check out our Twitter feed of the live updates from the rally and, in the meantime, check out the 18 best signs we found from protesters following the rally.

DSC_00051) Fascism has no place with these Hillary supporters. 







DSC_00072) Calling out Trump on his polarizing ideals.



DSC_00093) A playful version of Trump’s vague campaign slogan. 








DSC_00484) More inclusion, less wall-building. 







DSC_00585) A key adjective that just happens to rhyme with “Trump.”






DSC_00626) Taking a dump to a whole new level.







DSC_00647) #NoHate







DSC_00668) Look at that artwork!










DSC_00699) A ‘Deadpool’ shout-out is okay with us!










DSC_007010) Short, sweet, simple and to the point.










DSC_007211) Well said. 










DSC_007612) Clueless? We think this guy knows exactly what he’s talking about. 









DSC_007713) She will literally take ANYONE but Trump. 










DSC_007814) He said it, not me. 










DSC_0080 DSC_008115) Props to this girl for this two-sided gem. 









DSC_009316) She’s on to something. 







DSC_008317) We loved the diversity in this crowd. 










DSC_009118) Point well-taken.