On Saturday, July 16, St. Louisans took to the streets, baring it all, for the annual World Naked Bike Ride.The World Naked Bike Ride protests oil dependency, raises cyclist awareness, and advocates positive body image. Each summer, St. Louisans unite in a mass bike ride around the city to raise awareness of these issues. While the theme is nudity, many participants took a clever play on stripping down. Here are the 15 best sights we got to see at this year’s event. 


WNBR-1111) These two who clearly lack stage fright.










WNBR-1292) This guy and his “lucky” ducky. 









3) Kermit The Frog would be jealous.







WNBR-1624) These show-offs. 









WNBR-1795) This timid-for-no-reason stud. 










WNBR-1816) Always wear a condom, er, helmet, 











7) This damn duck keeps grabbing our attention. 









WNBR-38) This guy, riding for ‘Merica. 










WNBR-89) This crew comes dressed and more than ready to impress. 








10) Isn’t it true that you don’t wear underwear with a kilt?









WNBR-1311) Dreams do come true in The Grove. 










WNBR-1512) This OG. Such a tease. 











13) Who doesn’t love a cut-off short short?!









WNBR-5514) Nothing but moves from this non-stop dancing queen. 










WNBR-8615) What a costume!








by Kevin Schmidt