The Texas House just passed Bathroom Bill 2.0, Senate Bill 1978, which was snuck through a Senate committee without any public notice last week. The move comes amidst fierce opposition from businesses and LGBTQ organizations around the state.
Texas State Representative Jessica González (D-Dallas), Vice-Chair of the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus, said the following on the Texas House Floor in opposition to SB 1978:
“This bill is about power, and this bill is about fear. This bill is about giving some Texans the ability to ‘break glass in case of emergency’ and dismiss anyone for any reason. 

“This bill creates two classes of Texans: those trying to get an education, make a living, support a family, and serve their community; and those with the power to deprive them of their dignity in their everyday lives.”
Texas Democratic Party Spokesperson MarcoAntonio Orrantia issued the following statement:
“Bathroom Bill 2.0 will give Texas Republicans and corporations a license to discriminate. Republicans know legalized discrimination will cost working families and small businesses billions of dollars — that’s why they snuck the bill through committee without any public notice.
“We commend the LGBTQ Caucus — Representatives Mary González, Celia Israel, Jessica González, Julie Johnson, and Erin Zwiener for fighting against this discriminatory policy at every turn. Texas Democrats are proud to champion legislation to end hate crimes, fight for non-discrimination ordinances, and advance LGBTQ rights. We will continue to fight for LGBTQ rights because y’all means all.”
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