GOLD:  Eco-Challenge = Diane Smith & Alice Tejada


SILVER: Dancesport Standard Class C 45+= Kathy Wildman

SILVER: Dancesport Latin Class C 45+= Kathy Wildman


BRONZE:  Eco-Challenge = Michael Brown

BRONZE:  Dancesport Standard Class C 18+ = Kathy Wildman

BRONZE:  Dancesport Latin Class C 18+ = Kathy Wildman

BRONZE:  4k Walk = Alice Tejada


“The Games have always been an amazing and enlightening experience,” said Team St. Louis President, Alice Tejada, which sent six participants to the games. “Winning/capturing a medal is a bonus, but the team camaraderie and the new friendships forged are what makes the journey exceptional. Team Saint Louis is honored and privileged to continue to be a part of the Games since its inception in 1982 – we look forward to many more!”

This continental event included multi-sport elements supported by the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association. A key component to the games is the Human Rights Conference with workshops on diversity, and an awards ceremony recognizing individuals and corporations that have influenced LGBT rights.


Just John owners and gay sport enthusiasts John Oberkramer and Jeromy Ruot were presenters at the Human Right Conference in which their Flag_-_Whistlerspeech, Exercising your Right to Play Your Sport and Build Your Community was well received.


Additional elements included Cultural Activities and Opening and Closing ceremonies. Many events took place during Pride Week. This was one of the largest events in Vancouver this summer with an estimated 1,000 athletes and delegates participated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this was on incredible week!


The first GLISA North American Outgames were held in Calgary in 2007, while the next ones will be in Denver in 2015.