Siobhan O’Loughlin’s Natural Novice beautifully tells the story of seven women through their relationship with body hair. She weaves her own story with six other women in a way that is charming, relatable, and often hilarious. She includes women of different races, sexualities, gender identities, backgrounds, etc, painting a more detailed picture. Natural Novice is a one-woman show. We watch O’Loughlin shift into each woman with different blocking, voices and body language. For a moment, you forget that you’re watching the same woman. O’Loughlin has brought such depth to each character.

While the show centers around body hair, it is really only a vehicle for a larger story. The relationship women have with body hair tells a lot about their own body image, the way people often relate to one another physically and the beauty standard that women are expected to adhere to.  Shaving is just another way women are put into a box, so who needs it? Certainly not Siobhan O’Loughlin.

Natural Novice is creative, witty and raw. O’Loughlin is vulnerable and honest, creating an intimate experience. She won the 2014 “Fringe Crush” award for her intricate solo show.

Siobhan is a writer, actor, educator, and activist in New York City.  This summer she will be performing Natural Novice in Minneapolis, Seattle and Chicago.  For more information visit: