StL Musician Paige Alyssa Knows You’re ‘Worth It’

Paige Alyssa is no stranger to music. After two EPs, the singer is familiar with the fine art of crafting music. Since stepping into the role of producer, it’s clear that Alyssa’s passion for her work is undeniable. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, and Sonic the Hedgehog, Alyssa produced her latest single “Worth It,” and it is the first music video the singer has filmed.

“What the song is trying to tell folks, regardless of who you are or who you love, it’s going to be worth it at the end of the day to stand in your truth and stand by your loved ones despite the differences,” says Alyssa. Initially, the singer was writing the song about standing up for your relationship despite others trying to shut it down, but after the election of Donald Trump, the political and social climate changed, urging the singer to change directions regarding where the song was headed.

“In this political and social climate for queer folks, it’s gotten a lot heavier,” says Alyssa. “[The song] is about telling yourself and your loved ones you’re worth it no matter what, regardless of whether the social climate tells you you’re not worth being loved.” According to Alyssa, it’s important to remember than no matter what, the only thing you should be worried about is focusing on your truth and standing in it. Despite negativity from outside pressures, it will be worth it in the end.

As for shooting her first video, Alyssa could not be happier with the result. “I wanted people to see a queer couple, and now that I have this platform, I’m happy to share this with everyone. This is what our love looks like. I shot the video in black and white to represent the problems in the world and America,” says the singer. The reason the black and white is so important is that regardless of whether it is sexism, racism, transphobia or homophobia, there is a right and a wrong side to the story.

Not only does it represent the big picture in current American and global culture, the video is extra special to Alyssa because of the nature of her work and her relationship with her partner Emma. “Having a partner in a video is a huge deal for me; it’s me letting someone in. When I decided to put Emma in the video, it is my way of letting someone have my heart essentially. It was vulnerable for me. I wanted people to see a queer couple, and now that I have this platform, I’m happy to share this with everyone. This is what our love looks like.”

As for inspiration for the sound, Alyssa looked no further than her favorite video game, Sonic the Hedgehog. “In kindergarten, I remember making up song lyrics to the background music. Its something I’ve been doing my whole life,” says Alyssa. “Honestly, a lot of Sonic’s soundtrack work pulls from my favorite sounds in music. It’s really R&B heavy and really synth heavy. If you think ’80s pop, ’90s R&B, new jack swing — those are three parts of my sound.” She credits Michael Jackson with helping inspire part of these soundtracks, but also credits Gladys Knight and Teddy Riley as inspiration as well.

Overall, Alyssa just wants everyone to feel the love from the sound, and she wants to promote the love within. Her advice to anyone who may need it, “[In the song I’m] constantly telling that person that they are enough, and just constantly reinforcing their belief in themselves — who they are is perfect. They don’t have to conform to any other belief.” V

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