Today, St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones, local workers, and members of the St. Louis Workers Rights Board of Missouri Jobs with Justice joined together to demand SSM Healthcare Saint Louis University Hospital, follow through on their promises to raise its minimum wage for all workers to $11 immediately, including those under contract to a union and its contract workers.

Speakers at today’s action held SSM Healthcare accountable to its own words: “We value all of our employees and the incredible work they do on behalf of those we serve, and we believe providing a fair and socially just minimum wage is the right thing to do.”

“Workers rights are human rights,” said Tishaura O. Jones, City of St. Louis Treasurer and Mayoral candidate. “We need to make sure that they keep their promise. Y’all have families to feed, you have bills to pay, and you have children to send to school. We have to get on the track to make sure that people get a living wage.”

“SSM Healthcare needs to honor the spirit of their “mission and values driven organization” and pay all of their workers the $11 hour minimum wage they promised.  It’s simply the right and fair thing to do,” said co-chair of the St. Louis Workers Rights Board of Missouri Jobs with Justice, Ruth Ehresman.  “SSM Healthcare claims to be committed to socially just wages for their workers but their actions are a direct contradiction to those values.”

After a 4-month contract battle in May 2016 and numerous worker actions to demand fair wages, SSM Healthcare publicly pledged to raise wages for all of its workers to $11 an hour, but nearly 50 workers are still making less than the wages they were promised.

All City of St. Louis Mayoral candidates were invited to participate and speak. V

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