‘Romp’ Around St. Louis This Summer in Latest Styles

It has been a few weeks since the RompHim broke the Internet, and the hype is still in full force. Men’s clothing has been adjusting to fit a more diverse generation. In the last few years, we’ve seen men’s leggings, men’s joggers and no one can forget the time Kanye West wore heels. But nothing compares to the craze that is the male romper. Women have long dominated the world of rompers, but now it is time guys get to rock and romp.

The idea for RompHim came from Chicago-based ACED Design, and the intention is to offer a comfortable, affordable new look for men. And, although men wearing rompers is not a new concept, the RompHim is the next generation of romper that “[keeps] you cool as the days and nights heat up,” according to ACED Design’s website.

The design is meant to be expressive, colorful and fun while also adding a zipper on bottom for easier access when using the restroom. And with summer on the way, the design is meant to be breathable and comfortable to withstand hot summer days and cool summer nights. It comes in different colors and patterns for versatility and style.

As with any new trend, there is criticism for the RompHim. Most say rompers are, and always have been, a female article of clothing. The team at ACED wants the idea of gendering clothing to disappear, and we couldn’t agree more. It is not the fear of women losing something that is strictly theirs, but the idea of letting go of gender norms that may scare people.

However, we say, “Let the people romp.” Romp on Sunday Funday, romp at the beach or the pool, romp at night with your friends at the bar or barbeque, romp anywhere or anytime you feel like it. Dare to defy the norm.

You can find your own RompHim at www.romphim.com. V

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