Queen of the Caribbean: Tips From Travel Concierge Dena Troisi

Summer vacations are all about not giving a f@#k, so she’s here to make sure that you don’t have to. She’s travel concierge Dena Troisi, but we like to call her the “Queen of Caribbean Travel.” From Aruba to The Bahamas, Cozumel to Costa Rica, Punta Cana to a cruise port of your choice, she’s got a deal for you. As an official travel guru and island expert, she knows what it takes to make an island getaway a significant takeaway experience. Ready to go from St. Louis to St. Lucia on a steal? Here’s what we learned from chatting with the Jersey girl at heart.

Update Your Passport

“Not even before you start packing, your passport needs to be up-to-date,” she begins. “And each different island that you go to has different requirements. So your passport may say, ‘Expires July 2018,’ but in Aruba for example, you have to have your passport 60 days before it expires. So you need to check with each island as far as the what the requirements are as far as timing with your passport.”

Buy Travel Insurance

“Whether it’s through whoever you purchase the vacation through or from an outside source such as Travel Leaders, or one of the other outside insurance companies that are out there. And that covers you for everything. Even though you’re using your credit, that only covers the charges and not the other stuff.”

Make Copies

“Have copies of everything in your luggage and on your phone, just as a back up. Don’t just go with your passport. Take a copy of it so that if worst comes to worst, you can go to the tourism board of the country and at least you have a passport number that they can look up.”

Keep Essentials In Your Carry On

“A bathing suit, of course,” she laughs. “For a girl, just a little sundress or maxi dress that you can roll up and put in your pocketbook so that you can go and eat dinner that night and be comfortable. A guy is a lot easier; they can pretty much survive with what they have on their back.”

Pack The Essentials

Credit cards, passports, medications, drivers license. “Anything that is of value to you should be on your person at all times,” she says. “You can buy anything you need on the islands these days, but it’s a matter of how much are you going to pay for it. Pack a pair of throwaway flip-flops that you can get at the dollar store. If you buy travel protection, they give you a daily rate to buy things while you are there. Of course, you have to have money to buy them–and then you submit the claim, and they reimburse you.”

Where To Go If…

You’re Traveling With Family: “It’s depending on what kind of activities you are looking for. You can do a lot of adventure at a place like Costa Rica, where you’re going on the go and you’re not really there for the beaches; the beaches there are not the greatest. Jamaica is also great for family vacation. Aruba is good for an older family vacation, there’s just not a lot to do for younger kids. The Dominican Republic is my ultimate favorite for a family vacation. It’s got something for everybody to do: it’s a quick flight, the people are unbelievably nice, and it’s a great destination for activities.”

On A Tight Budget: “I always say Cancun. You can go away for $699 for seven nights, all included. Now other destinations may be a little bit more, depending on what time of year you go, but Cancun is always a good, easy sell because of the cost and because there are a lot of charters that go there non-stop. And on availability of hotels, there’s a lot; whereas, in St. Martin or St. Lucia, there’s limited availability of hotels because there’s only a few good options there. They fill up quickly, and the prices jump.”

On Your Honeymoon: “This is when you have to think, ‘Okay, this is probably the last getaway before the kids, so we want to spend a lot of money. Are we doing a destination wedding or are we just going to do a honeymoon?’ Aruba is always a great place for honeymoons. St. Lucia is another phenomenal place. And then as far as a destination wedding, any of the Sandals properties are always nice.”

For more information on Caribbean travel and to find the best deals, email Dena at dena1428@yahoo.com or call her directly at 848-333-0881. V

by Kevin Schmidt

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