This week, we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of PrideCenter, St. Louis’s LGBTQIA+ community center. Eighteen months ago, an interested group of board members and volunteers came together with one goal: to create a community center for the LGBTQIA+ population in St. Louis and the surrounding region. A year later, we’re celebrating the amazing work that has made PrideCenter possible.

Wolf Smith, Co-Chair of PrideCenter, said, “Our records show that thousands of people have come through our doors. What we’ve accomplished is a beautiful thing: we’ve given our community a physical space – a space to meet, to relax, to listen to music, to work, to play games, and to simply spend time.”

Many organizations have partnered with PrideCenter for various events and services, including: the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, Bisexual Alliance of St. Louis (BASL), Black Pride St. Louis, Camp Rising Sun, Mpower, the Safe Place Network, World AIDS Day St. Louis, and more.

“PrideCenter has quickly become one of our fastest-growing endeavors as an organization,” said Matt Harper, President of Pride St. Louis. “Over the past year, we’ve created a community meeting space, a cybercenter and computer lab, and the largest public-access LGBTQIA+ library in the region. We could not have achieved this without the help of so many in our community.”

We are optimistic for continued growth and development in 2018 and beyond.

For more information about PrideCenter, visit or to reach co-chairs Wolf Smith and Landon Brownfield, contact center@pridestl.orgV

Via Press Release