Each week, two finalists were selected: one from the judges, and one from the contestant who garnered the most donations to Pride St. Louis.  The 5th and final week, finalists competed in the same format, but 4 were chosen:  3 will sing songs of their choice, and 1 will sing the national anthem.


Winners of the 2011 Pride Idol were Jeremy Whaley, Rodney Bequette, Keith Gale and Pershard Owens (pictured with Idol host and Pride board member Lauren Rapp).


Runner up’s were Kenneth Austin, Robbie Thomas, Ronn Jerbeau, and Earl Strong.  Pride St. Louis wanted to especially thank all of its contestants, celebrity judges and audience members for participating.



Week 1
Colin Murphy
Nikki Sweets
Sherrill Wayland

Week 2
Colby Kluthe
Sable Sinclair
Trixe LaRue

Week 3
A.J. Bockleman
Jason Nichols
Jeff Small
Shane Cohn


Week 4
Dedrick Archer
Heather Wright
Robyn Carolyn Montague

Drew Baumgartner
Earl Jones
Kristin Goodman
Rachel Lee
Summer Osborne