When asked about what I consider my favorite space in my home the first area that came to mind was the living/dining room area.


I can still remember walking through the door the first time I saw the house two years ago. The space was very different then but I still knew that it was going to be my home. It was a foreclosure that I purchased after seeing more houses than I care to remember and it was definitely a diamond in the rough.


The house was dirty and smelled heavily of smoke but I was confident I could make it something great. After some cleaning, painting, demolition, construction and decorating I now have a space I can be proud of. The design for the space was inspired by my love for all things mid- century modern, eclectic and reused or re-purposed. The majority of the furnishings are from thrift stores, garage sales or Craigslist.


When I look around the room now, I obviously see the finished product but I also picture all the time I spent with family and friends working on the house or scavenging for my next great find for the space.


ADRIAN FOX – Lafayette Square


We live in the Georgian Condominiums in Lafayette Square and my favorite place in the condo is the living room because it is a calm, open space. SpacesAdrianWe chose a color palette of smokey blues, grey-purples and light silver to create a sense of calm and the furniture is espresso leather. We have a dog and a cat (Baxtor and Lamon) and they shed a lot so we decided to go with leather furniture because it is easier to clean.


I also have to have some green in the house so fresh flowers is a must. I think they can brighten up any space. I’m    also a strong believer in candles. A great scent always creates an inviting space and I love buying candles from I usually go for more masculine scents like amber, tobacco, leather and frankincense.


The only other special thing about the space is that I collect pigs. I have a shelf of small pigs from around the world: wood, ceramic, glass, silver, even paper. It started in high school when I wanted a potbellied pig so my grandmother bought me a tiny, clay pig figurine.




My Webster Groves Craftsman Cottage is the perfect locale for entertaining the masses.


They always say a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach and if that is true, my dining room has been a perpetual love affair! It is my favorite space because it is the one place I can have my loved ones in rotation for dinners in honor of the amazingness they are to me every day. My boys and I, decorate this room for each holiday since it is the hub of the house and all festivities.


We rotate between Italian pottery and luxe Versace dishes depending on the occasion. The kitchen is designed with practicality and whimsy in mine. The rug is all weather (with three cats, a dog and two boys, being able to hose it off is a must!). The art is an eclectic mix of framed art by my sons, a killer Flight of the Concords poster, giant stars and glass bobbles.


All of the black and cherry furniture is warm and functional and complimented by my custom teal damask curtains (aka: jungle gym for the kittens).


Over the last year a couple friends stepped up to be a part of my family, teaching my sons to garden, produce music, play guitar and piano (and to be little gentlemen). Every Monday and Tuesday, I cook a huge organic meal to repay them for their friendship and kindness. This routine has become my favorite part of the week and rarely gets interrupted.


PAM SCHNEIDER – Old Town Clayton


I live in a townhouse in “Old Town Clayton” which today looks more like “New Town Clayton” given all the tearing down of the original homes SpacesPamand construction of the new homes that have taken place over the past 10 years!


The design throughout the house is contemporary but not the cold austere type. I have utilized some “Ralph” colors which really have clean lined design pop! I am not one to have a million colors, just one or two “it” colors will do.


Perhaps my kitchen is one of my favorite rooms. It brings together everything I love, warmth, color, the smell of good food and light, a lot of light. It is a compact room but feels ample in size given the layout. It is an “eat in” kitchen that makes you feel like you are in a bistro very close to where the cooking takes place.


I am very drawn to natural elements when decorating/designing a space. That is most true in this room. The floor is slate (not the prefab type of slate) with actual stone cut into large squares. When we first moved in we had white cabinets which are NOT my favorite. I had no reveal solid natural maple cabinets installed with stainless pulls. In addition, there are the standard stainless appliances. What really sets the whole design off are the stainless counter tops! I simply love them—being the neat freak that I am, I take great pleasure in wiping them down after cooking. They make the kitchen look spotless!