Today’s youth worry about school, home life, friends and more.  They struggle with major life choices in areas rarely seen.  They decide how they want to present, with whom they choose to spend time, and even when and if they will reach out for support when needed.  We hear their struggles.  LGBTQ youth can be alienated by classmates and not able to be themselves at home.  These youth face higher percentages of suicide, self-harm, depression and self-loathing.  They feel alone, powerless and unloved.  Isolation becomes commonplace and the results rarely lead to finding support or positive role models.

Growing American Youth creates opportunities for youth to connect with each other.  It is in this place when a renewed energy can emerge and youth grow in incredible ways.  We have seen it throughout our 30 year history and in fact, we see it every week!  Growing American Youth gives these youth hope and shows them respect.  We hold them in the highest regard and give them a safe space to be themselves.  Positive shifts can save lives and allow youth to see their bright futures.

2010 has been big year for Growing American Youth and we are very appreciative of all of the community support. To some folks we are the 300 youth marchers in the Pride Parade; others know of our annual youth prom and most people know of our ongoing support to youth. We see LGBTQ youth as brilliant, talented and spirited. Sometimes that brilliance is masked and needs encouragement to surface. This time and energy is well worth the investment.


Growing American Youth hosts weekly youth meetings on Thursdays at Trinity Episcopal Church at 600 N. Euclid. Youth can be their authentic selves, find friends and build community. Peer-to-peer support leads to youth engagement and empowerment. Being social is a great way to build support so we host special events, Sunday Night Socials and more. In January we will add weekly support meetings in St. Charles.


2010 Highlights

– Expansion into St. Charles
– 300 Youth in the St. Louis Pride Parade
– Two youth members attended the LGBT Reception at The White House and met President Obama. Starting a youth chorus with Gateway Men’s Chorus

– 320 Youth at our 6th Annual Out in the City Prom
– Together: Not Alone, our local response to the recent youth suicides



To volunteer and to make a contribution:

314-821-3524 ext 3

Mailing address: PO Box 11785 St. Louis, MO 63105