Music Record Shop is now open for business in its new location at the .ZACK, a multi-use development in the recently-renovated historic Cadillac Building located at 3224 Locust Street in Midtown. The public is invited to a grand opening celebration on Saturday, March 11 from 2-5 p.m., including food, drink, DJs and giveaways all afternoon.

Located on the second floor of .ZACK, Music Record Shop occupies 1,000 square feet of retail space featuring new and used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and more. Attached to the soon-to-open Sophie’s Lounge, Music Record Shop not only offers a wide array of products for music lovers, but also creates a unique space for in-store performances, band signings, release parties and other special events.  On the building’s third floor, Music Record Shop has its 2,500-square-foot offices, which is a special space for employees and customers alike. The space is designed to host VIP events and provides a spot for bands and customers to relax, connect with others and enjoy great music and entertainment. It houses new collections purchased and Music Record Shop’s extensive offering of online products, which are always for sale to the St. Louis marketplace,

“These two locations have allowed our business to grow, first by containing the business all under one roof,” says co-owner Mark Carter. “We can evaluate, price and circulate the retail store inventory, online inventory, and items in longer-term storage more quickly, always ensuring there is a fresh supply of music for customers to find. The new space has also allowed us to expand the business into two new exciting categories: accessories and music licensing.”

The accessories business currently consists of plastic outer sleeves, inner sleeves, and cardboard jackets in all sizes. Future expansion will include cleaning fluid, brushes, cloths and more. Co-owners Mark and Chris Carter are working directly with manufacturers, creating and branding the store’s own product lines to achieve the most cost effective pricing as possible and passing that on to customers.

Through label and distributor relationships, the owners are developing a division of Music Record Shop that will license new music as well as re-issue titles, creating limited edition vinyl releases. These will always be made available to the local market; but will also be pushed into the online market for global distribution.  Music Record Shop’s owners also aim to support local bands by offering CD and vinyl production at very competitive prices and helping bands achieve distribution beyond the local market.

“Our mission was to create an environment celebrating the intersection of music and food/drink and great space with the highest degree of customer service and satisfaction possible,” Carter says. “We want to provide a comfortable environment for people to shop and share their love of music with others, and to discover new music, connections and experiences. At Music Record Shop, people can come together to find new music, compare and contrast musical points of view, eat, drink, enjoy and relax.” V

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About Music Record Shop

Music Record Shop owners Mark and Chris Carter have used their combined work experience to bring the retail store/office and online business to life. Mark spent 25 years as a small business owner in the media industry in L.A., working with record labels and global distributors creating packaging and retail ready music and movie products. He has a deep understanding of the music industry and how Music Record Shop needs to be structured for success and continued growth.

Chris worked in the contract furniture industry helping designers, architects and businesses design and build out their office environments, and brings an understanding of how users interact with space that has translated into how she and Mark have worked to set up the retail and office space. Chris also has a culinary background and strong passion for creating a comfortable and satisfying experience for customers combining music and food/drink within the Music Record Shop spaces and through events.

Both Mark and Chris know the number one goal for them and their business is customer satisfaction. Everything that Music Record Shop works to create, build and grow is with customer service in mind. For more information, visit