The Missouri Youth Empowerment Summit will be hosted by PROMO Fund’s Missouri Safe Schools

Coalition but the real genius behind the conference comes from the minds of Missouri youth.

Morgan Keenan, state field organizer for the Safe Schools Coalition and youth advisor for Growing American Youth, says that the summit is the brainchild of young activists who are looking to build strategies across the state to combat bullying and oppression in their local communities. These young activists across the state have been organizing the summit and formulating the youth focused workshops that will address the issues facing LGBTQA youth.

“The goal is that they will come away with the tools for self-empowerment to combat hate and bullying,” says Keenan. He also mentions that another goal for the summit is to energize young Missouri activists around the passage of the Safe Schools bill.

The summit will take place on Saturday, Nov. 20 in Columbia, Missouri on the University of Missouri campus. The summit begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs through 5:00 p.m. Registration is free for anyone under the age of 22. Participants over 22 are asked to pay a small fee. There will be a separate training workshops for older adults. You can also sponsor any student or youth who plans on attending.

Full instructions for registration can be found here. You can also email any inquiries to