Missouri Courage Scholarship (MCS) is proud to announce the winners of its 2017 awards. Each year, MCS awards scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate courage and take a stand for social justice. This year more than 180 students from 50 counties applied, which is a new record for MCS.

MCS awards three types of scholarships:

  1. The Missouri Courage Award (MCA) is awarded to high school seniors in Missouri who have demonstrated their commitment to work for change in their community that advances the lives of LGBTQ people or furthers other social justice causes.
  2. The Rural Courage Award (RCA) is intended for students residing in rural Missouri communities who meet the MCA scholarship qualifications.
  3. The Trans Courage Award (TCA) is intended for Missouri students who identify as transgender and who meet the MCA scholarship qualifications.

In addition to the above awards, this year MCS partnered with Pride St. Charles to award additional scholarships on behalf of their organization.

2017 Courage Scholars

  • Alyssa Ershen, Pride St. Charles Award, St. Clair High School, St. Clair, MO
  • Jasmine Gallegos, Pride St. Charles Award, Troy Buchanan High School, Moscow Mills, MO
  • Nathaniel Hartman, Trans Courage Award, Hancock Place Senior High School, St. Louis, MO
  • Garrett Orr, Rural Courage Award, Doniphan High School, Doniphan, MO
  • Zac Ruffolo, Rural Courage Award, Boonville High School, Boonville, MO
  • Samantha Salas, Rural Courage Award, Monett High School, Monett, MO
  • Amber Schneider, Pride St. Charles Award, Winfield High School, Winfield, MO
  • Courage Scholar, Pride St. Charles Award, Orchard Farm High School, St. Charles, MO
  • Olivia Stevens, Missouri Courage Award, Hancock Place Senior High School, St. Louis, MO
  • Alex Williams, Trans Courage Award, Kirksville Senior High School, Kirksville, MO

Missouri Courage Scholarship is a 501(c)3 organization; all donations are tax deductible. For more information, visit courage-scholarship.orgV

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