Max 10: Ten Things You Need You Know About Maxi Glamour

“Finally liberated from the grasp of the Baklava King, Maxi Glamour made their way to the Midwest in hopes of shaking things up through experimental expression on and off stage. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” –Maxi Glamour

1) They’re St. Louis’ Queen of Polka and Baklava.

“I needed a tag line, and I knew no one would have that one. It transcends cultural boundaries, because no one really knows where Baklava came from, and Polka is just loud and rambunctious.”

2) They started the event, Qu’art, to support queer art.

“Get it? We have quarterly events with different artists: visual artists, performance artists, musicians, videographers, photographers, all of them coming in to perform with the opportunity to buy and sell their art.

3) Their performances are more than art, they’re a message.

“I want to promote diversity within the subculture; people don’t feel proper representation in certain ways. I’ve done an all people of color event, and made sure to include Asians and Latinos, because sometimes they don’t get representation.”

4) They’re involved in local politics.

“It’s good to work with people who are making a difference in the community. I hosted an event in support of Bernie Sanders, where hundreds of artists showed up along with local politicians like Bruce Franks, Cory Bush, Patrick Hamacher and Megan Ellyia Green.”

14344882_10154906417568912_7083743011758276898_n5) They design clothes with St. Louis in mind.

“I’ve been working at STL-Style House for four years, where I started off as a shop boy. Now I’m designing for them, and I’ve worked for clients like Tower Grove South Organization, JCAA, SLU and Girl Scouts.

6) They find style inspiration just about anywhere.

“I love Gaultier, Leigh Bowery, Club Kids, Prince, Jimi Hendrix–anything that’s innovative, where you have to look at it twice to really know what’s going on. Those kind of people inspire me to do the same kind of thing.”

 7) They know this city.

“I think St. Louis has a good burlesque scene, and the stages and costumes that come out of that are pretty good. But St. Louis style caters to the metro area abroad, to a place where innovation has not been met. So you can’t market to people who don’t want it.”

10945656_10153541425418912_5744449813212802499_n8) They give good advice.

“Be different. Be weird. Sometimes artistic movements, when they become comfortable, they become stagnant. And don’t do it for the money, do it for the message. If you do it for the money, people aren’t going to come.”

9) They have a goal for the trans* community.

“When Obama used the word ‘trans*’ on TV, that was a moment of clarity for a lot of people. And then with Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, they’re coming out of the woodwork. Now, it’s time for trans* men to come out and get more roles and visibility.”

10) We’re nominating them for President of the United States.

“More recycling bins, more compost bins, less fossil fuels, stricter gun laws, less gun manufacturing, less jails and, of course, trans* and queer rights. It wouldn’t even be an issue; it would just be rights. Oh, and free Wi-Fi.” V

by Kevin Schmidt

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