On Monday, June 15, nine celebrated vocalists with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and acclaimed pianist Carol Wong will present a unique mixture of music to benefit leading-edge cancer research at the 6th Annual Sing for Siteman benefit concert. Located in Haertter Hall at John Burroughs School in Ladue, audiences will experience an intimate evening of music featuring selections from opera, art songs and the Broadway stage. A wine and dessert reception with the performers will follow immediately afterwards.

Sing for Siteman was launched in 2010 and inspired by Wong, who also serves as the artistic director, in honor of her mother and late father, both of whom battled cancer. Each and every artists are donating their time and talent to this event.

Featured artists regularly perform around the globe, with many appearing on renowned stages such as The Metropolitan Opera, the English National Opera and the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Two of this year’s vocalists are an operatic power couple who have consistently been claiming their name to fame – Brandon Cedel and Jonathan Beyer.

Cedel and Beyer have been together for eight years and met when they both attended the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.

“The first thing I noticed about Brandon was his height,” Beyer joked. “I’m 6’5” and he’s 6’4”.”

This summer will be both Beyer and Cedel’s debut with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. The two have worked together on shows in the past, but luckily neither of them have really had to compete for the same role.

“Brandon is a bass-baritone and I’m a baritone,” Cedel says. “There’s not too much overlap in what we would want to sing. It would be a little more competitive if we were both baritones.”

In regards to Sing for Siteman, both Cedel and Beyer are excited to make music for an important cause.

“This is a really nice group of singers and everyone is different in their variety of music,” Beyer says. “Great singers with numerous voice types, I think it will be a fun evening of music for everyone. It is obviously important because any way in which we can give our time and talent to a cause like this is really special. It’s great to be able to share a great evening of music with people and be able to take the proceeds to give to a great cause. It’s a nice thing for us to be doing. I would love to write a big fat check for an organization like this, but since we can’t, this is our way to give what we can.”

Another reason as to why Cedel and Beyer have volunteered their time and talent is due to the fact that one of their voice teachers, a highly respected teacher in the field, survived cancer twice. She suffered from breast and ovarian cancer. This can be considered their way to honor her.

“This is something we’re able to do to contribute to her,” Cedel says.

Tickets for Sing for Siteman are $100 for preferred seating and $50 for general seating. Space is limited. For ticket information, visit singforsiteman.org. All proceeds benefit the Siteman Cancer Center’s Discovery Fund. V

Written by Denny Patterson