Fun, entertaining, and elegant, Lange is a man who moves through the world with ease, from the forest floor to the upper reaches of the canopy. The first day I met him he took my partner and I boating on the confluence, and just recently we were invited to spend the weekend in a seaside villa overlooking the Pacific. He agreed to set aside a few hours to explore the canopy with me, and I knew I was in for an adventure.  

Lange is the exclusive agent for the Plaza in Clayton, which is Missouri’s tallest residential tower. There we toured exquisitely finished residences ranging inbath price from 1.3 to 2.8 million. All were generously proportioned occupying either a corner of the floor or a full half, giving each home a variety of views and several balconies overlooking treetops and the skyline.


The opulent baths feature marble floors as far as the eye can see. The tub is placed near the windows so you can relax while taking in the city lights.

According to Lange most residents of the Plaza also have homes elsewhere and travel extensively, so they appreciate the maintenance free lifestyle and concierge services. “If you’re out of town staff will periodically check on your residence, start your car, or whatever you need” he said.

Our next stop was the Private Residences at The Chase Park Plaza. I’m a big fan of historic buildings, and the Chase is an iconic structure steeped in history. Since it opened in 1931 the Chase has welcomed kings and queens, famous entertainers, athletes and politicians. It has been a home away from kitchhome for every American president from the 1920’s to the 1990’s.

The towering anchor of the fashionable Central West End, the Chase is like a self contained city with the adjoining hotel, restaurants, fitness center, movie theatre, and neighboring Straub’s market. There’s definitely a vibrant, big city energy about the place. And while you rest soundly in your sky sanctuary the staff never sleeps. Residents enjoy 24 hour concierge and valet services, for starters.

We took in the views from a 19th floor townhouse with a 1200 square foot terrace, then made our way to the top where the rarely seen penthouse awaits your custom design. Once known as the Tiara Room, the raw space occupies the entire 27th Floor with 360 degree views. This is an audacious space that needs an owner with a bold personality to match. Maybe a corporate titan, flamboyant athlete, or perhaps an Emperor.

Not all canopy living is about a gilded lifestyle. Colorado native Robin Ricca chose her top floor loft at the Paul Brown because she’s a free spirit whophoto2 travels light. Since relocating to St. Louis she’s made many friends and we caught up her entertaining some of them poolside on the rooftop deck. “The Paul Brown seemed a perfect fit for our lifestyle. No kids, few belongings, and a desire to relinquish our dependence on a car” said Ricca.

Ricca is from a place where the elevation is high and the sky is big, so she feels more at home in her sun drenched top floor loft.“ I’ve always thought that the sunsets here in Missouri were some of the most beautiful in the world. Now I found myself living in a loft with a panoramic view of the western sky. For nearly ten months of the year, unless it’s raining or cloudy, I have an unobstructed view of a crimson sun as it approaches the horizon.One of my favorite things is to watch and listen to the falcons flying out of their nest box from the AT&T building on the other side of Pine. Watching them soar on an updraft during a sweltering summer day when I’m laying poolside gives me a thrill that is not possible from a street level location.”

The fine art of urban living is alive and well in St. Louis’ storied canopy- a place where the worldly are free to wander and the jet setters nest among the falcons.