You can expect Offer (back row, second from the right) and !!! to have lots of fans dancing and sweating when they bring their psychedelic-disco-punk beats back to St. Louis for LouFest 2011. He took a couple minutes from breakfast to talk disco, drugs and of course, dancing.


Vital VOICE: We hear you just got back from performing a festival in Spain, how was it?


Nic Offer: It was good. We went over for one festival and played a few days. The Spanish shows are always awesome! They just get us. They don’t give a fuck and they can see that we don’t give a fuck so they love to just dance.


VV: So are Europeans better dancers than Americans?


NO: I wouldn’t say they’re better dancers but they do dance more. Americans go home at 2A.M. but there they go all night. House music and techno were American inventions but over there they really took the music where Americans didn’t. They turned something that is underground here to a very overground music scene.


VV: When you start dancing, where does the movement in your body begin?


NO: Oh man, it starts in the heart! In the last year or two I did take some dance classes and I remember somebody teaching me about starting in the hips and a lot of times I’ll tell people to feel it in their hips. So for me its from the heart to the hips.


VV: How would you describe what goes through you body when you’re on stage?


NO: There is really no time to think because you really are fully immersed in the music. You are inside it and its very much like what you would feel as a listener in the crowd. You’re making the music, you’re dancing to it, the crowd is lifting you up and the band behind you is pushing you forward….I don’t know how to describe it more than that except that it is probably the most incredibly feeling that you could ever feel.


VV: Have you ever been hit on by another man?


NO: Well yea…everybody hits on me! I mean when you’re out there in the crowd and you’re with the fans whatever is going to happen is going to happen. What was exciting when we got into disco was how powerful it had been in the 70s to the gay community and how people found themselves when they went to those clubs in New York. They discovered that they weren’t weird so the music always had this moment of revelation and freedom that felt inspiring. We recognize the music we play is related to gay culture and we love it.


VV: How many people would you guess have actually taken ecstasy while listening to your cover of Magnetic Field’s Take Ecstasy With Me?


NO: Oh I don’t know. It always felt like we released the song before people had gotten back into taking X. The song was meant to be something you would hear at certain parties where one of your friends says, “I’m on E,” and another one is, “Oh I’m on E too!” You would play it on one of those nights and it would be funny and maybe everybody would get more into the song. As far as an estimation…I have no idea. The song is out there for people for those moments….I hope it’s a lot.


VV: On your first album you have a song titled There Are No Fucking Rules, Dude. Ten years later, are there still no fucking rules?


NO: Mmmm…I’m trying to think if we’ve created any rules. I don’t think we have because the original inspiration behind that song was a very artistic one. I do believe there are no fucking rules, even more so, because art is made where the rules are broken and that is still a very exciting idea to me. I think that’s why we as a band are still good because there still are no fucking rules.


!!! will be performing at LouFest on August 28th and touring various festivals around the country as they begin recording their new album. Visit for tour dates and awesome video updates from Nic & the band.