From noon until midnight on Saturday, the festival stage will feature live music from 14 different female artists and female-fronted bands including Summer Osborne Band (St. Louis), Shannon Curtis (Los Angeles), The KGB (aka Kristen Goodman Band- St. Louis), Leslie Sanazaro (St. Louis / NYC), Josie Lowder Band (Springfield, IL), Violet & The Undercurrents (Columbia, MO),  Judy McNutt (Vandalia, IL), and other familiar St. Louis acts: Jen Galinski, Jennifer Norman, Ellen The Felon, and Jenn Malzone, to name a few.  (For full line-up and performance times visit


The festival will take place on farmland owned by the Osborne family in rural Vandalia, IL.  Attendees have the option of camping overnight, or simply coming for the show.  Although the event is geared for women, Harvest Moon Music Festival is welcome to all genders and ages.


“We travel all over the U.S. and Canada,” explained Co-Founder Lori Osborne, “and we consistently find there are so many men that get top billing on the stage and the women bands are kind of just thrown in there, or they’ll put a female singer-songwriter in a male-fronted band when they’re doing thrash metal, and it was getting very frustrating for us,” she said.


In addition to music and camping, the festival will offer other activities including massage, tarot card readings, food from Roxane in Clayton, and free beer (21+ with paid admission while supplies last).


“We started this project only a few months ago, and we weren’t sure what to expect given that this is our first year,” said Co-Founder Kristen Goodman. “But we couldn’t be more excited about the incredible show of support we’ve received from musicians, sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and even the community in Vandalia.”


Several years ago, a festival of this nature may not have been such a success in Fayette County, Illinois.  “When I was growing up, I remember there was a KKK cross burning at Vandalia Lake,” recalls Jeromy Ruot, Co-Owner of Just John Nightclub.  “Now, years later, my gay bar is sponsoring a ‘lesbian’ music festival in Vandalia… you can’t make this stuff up.”


Tickets to the event are still available, and may be purchased online or at the gate.  For non-campers, tickets are $40, and for those attendees spending the night, tickets are $50.  For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit