The Grand Center Arts District launches Strauss Park Alive Festival — 60 days of free arts and entertainment programming for the St. Louis community — Tuesday, June 20.

To celebrate engaging free arts programming for the St. Louis community, weekly from Tuesday to Sunday during the months of July and August, Grand Center, Inc., is hosting a preview for the inaugural Strauss Park Alive Festival. Sample food truck delicacies from the Nacho Pit, Sweet Divine, Dough Boy, and Fashion Van Go, learn more about all of the exciting things happening in the district and preview a curated selection of performances from opera, to acoustic guitar, painting in the park, and more.

Grand Center Arts District — at the corner of Grand and Washington boulevards — is St. Louis’ epicenter for the arts. Eclectic venues line the streets offering everything from Broadway to Black Box Theater, Bebop to Beethoven, street art to galleries and sushi to soul food. An ever-evolving cultural crossroads, Grand Center Arts District offers more to see, to hear, to taste, to learn, to experience and is alive with possibility whether you’re a familiar local or a first-time visitor.

The Strauss Park Alive Festival has been generously underwritten through funds made possible by the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council.

For more information, contact Tania Beasley-Jolly at 314-640-4528 or Taniabeasley10@gmail.comV

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