With over eighty different martinis on the menu, the use of only premium liquors and a master mixologist (Robin Schubert) in their fold, Goosed’s fame was fairly inevitable. The self-described “everybody bar” has a drink for everyone and prides themselves in being the type of bar that “everyone: straight, gay, lesbian, transgender & etc. loves coming to because of our atmosphere. It’s something we pride ourselves on,” says owner, Staci Stift.


When the nine year-old establishment first gained news of their distinction, Stift didn’t believe it.


“Honestly, I thought it was just another mass email, until I heard that our friends at Tani Sushi Bistro won for Best Sushi,” recalled Stift. “I called Eric (Co-owner of Tani Sushi) to find out if this was legit. He confirmed that this was the real deal and that is when I got really excited. I called to find out more information from the producers immediately.”


After it was confirmed, Stift admitted to being surprised as well as honored.


“It’s quite an honor just to win Best Martini’s in your local city, but to represent the entire state, now that takes us to a new level,” she said.


The Travel Channel will be featuring Absolutli Goosed in their segment, The Official Best of Missouri 2011, so watch on Wednesday, May 25th, also on KDNL, Saturday, May 21st at Noon. Be sure to tune in.