This Valentine’s Day, single men can indulge in some self loving, thanks to a sneaky sick note issued by award-winning sex toy brand, Hot Octopuss. The sick note, available on the brand’s website, grants the user a day away from the office to stay at home and look after number one.

  • Hot Octopuss, maker of the world’s first Guybrator™, is on a mission to reduce the stigma around male sex toys as well as advocating the health benefits of masturbation.
  • The company wants to help single men look after themselves this Valentine’s Day so is prescribing“one full day in the sack”, away from their busy work lives to indulge in some much needed alone time.
  • The tongue-in-cheek doctors note also recommends, “One PULSE III SOLO, a box of tissues, massage oil, and plenty of water” as well as advising “to remain in an intimate environment for a minimum of eight hours.”

For a limited time only, singletons can head to to snap up their certified sick note, and spend the day of love looking out for number one. V

Via Press Release