Celebrating the onset of their 25th season, the Gateway Men’s Chorus (GMC) is one such group and has been deemed by critics as “an arts phenomenon.” Over the course of the quarter-century that the GMC has been performing, it has affirmed and promoted gay culture and acceptance through excellence in musical performance and education.

“This season will be an extravaganza,” offered Jason Johnston, GMC board member and co-chair of the GMC marketing division. “The shows will be marked with campiness and unusual humor, but with a twist—as well as expected, great choral music.”


ABBA fans will be excited to hear that this coming season will also contain a tribute to the pop phenomenon. The 90-piece choir will be doing powerful and layered renditions of Fernando, Money Money, Take a Chance on Me, and of course.. Dancing Queen.


The GMC has grown drastically since its inception—from 22-members in 1988, to a current head-count of  around 90-performers. Johnston excitedly relayed to Vital VOICE the staggering list of upcoming shows and engagements that the Chorus will be involved with. The GMC is attentive to their community and frequently make appearances at small venues and local events around the city alongside their larger and more publicized productions. Their Holiday show in early December will assuredly be a riot, with the GMC’s campy humor enlivening the more traditional themes that one would expect from seasonal fare. In March the GMC will be doing performances that focus on a retrospective of songs written and/or arranged for GMC from present day to 25-year ago!


On October 15th Southhampton Healthcare is presenting The Gateway Men’s Chorus 25th Season Celebration, at Meyer’s Grove. The cocktails and drinks at the Manchester hot spot will be accompanied by hor dourves sponsored by Hartford Coffee Company. There will be a  live performance by 259137_10150200147262060_130069142059_7502910_5352373_omembers of the Gateway Men’s Chorus and special appearance by an original GMC singing member from 25-years ago, Miss Dieta Pepsi. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. and features: The announcement of the 25th Season of GMC, an introduction of the new artistic director Al Fischer, special performance by members of GMC, and the debut of the GMC’s newest album “I Want to Fly.”


Over these past 25 years the GMC has really worked towards expanding their boundaries, honing their artistry, and spreading a positive attitude. The Chorus has a fan-base well-beyond the LGBT community, and they are very grateful to the rainbow of St. Louisans who appreciate their music and message. What’s more, all of the great work the non-profit does for the community is paid for by donations from this fan-base. Monetary contributions to the GMC are directly supportive of the arts in St. Louis, and of the LGBT community as a whole.

The GMC has an actively updated Facebook page, where one can be notified of any and all upcoming events. So head on over to their FB page now and “Like” one of the most prominent and positively influential LGBT organizations in all of St. Louis.