Specialist crossdresser retailer and LGBT advocate, GlamourBoutique.com, have joined forces with Missouri’s first transgender Homecoming Queen Landon Patterson, to create ‘Before and After a Gender Transition’, a visual guide offering advice from seeking mental health support, to the choices involved in the physical side of transformation.

Landon’s story is a testament to the growing acceptance and understanding in the US, as 71% of American’s believe the country is becoming more tolerant towards the transgender community, although over half say that there is still more America could be doing to show their support before, during and after transition.

Missouri’s first transgender Homecoming Queen, Landon Patterson comments, “The biggest influence on my transition would have to be how depressed I was, hiding who I really was/wanted to be. I was just unaware of what being ‘trans’ was for the longest time, so I didn’t know I could become who I truly was.”

Patterson continues, “After I got my boob job is when I really felt content, because that was the one thing I knew I needed for my confidence, but internally I knew I was a woman no matter what surgeries.”

Owner of Glamour Boutique David Borrows added, “It’s worrying that triple the number of transgender Americans suffer from depression than the national average, but there’s so much support out there. We believe it is important to share empowering stories like Landon’s as an inspirational role-model in the transgender community and hope that her collaboration with Glamour Boutique in the ‘Before and After a Gender Transition’ visual guide will help to inspire others in their transgender journey.”

Landon Patterson and Glamour Boutique have created an engaging Before and After a Gender Transition visual guide to support transgender people and help inform those supporting them through their journey.

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