All aboard the Hillary hate train. At least, that’s what the Republican National Convention has turned into. Forget Batman v. Superman or Taylor Swift v. Kimye, it’s Hillary v. RNC. Whether it’d be bashing Hillary Clinton for existing or Black Lives Matter for perceived “anarchy”, there has been no shortage of bizarre moments at the RNC for its first couple of nights. Here are five of the many that caught my eyes and ears:

The poor case of Chris Christie

It is safe to say that Chris Christie has had a flop of a year. He puts his name in the running for the presidency, only to drop out after two primaries. His weight often became the subject of ridicule for Donald Trump, who destroyed him in the polls. Aides of Christie were charged in connection to a scandal when lanes connecting Fort Lee, New Jersey, to the George Washington Bridge were closed in 2013. On top of all of that, he did not receive the VP nod he wanted so much.

So, when he led his mob hunt on Hillary Tuesday night, everything about that speech felt like a walk of shame. Hillary hate filled the convention throughout both nights, but no one had it out for her like Christie. “Lock her up,” he had the crowd chanting. This may be the most impassioned plea to be attorney general you will ever see. Or the ramblings of a man who is just embarrassed to be there after a dismal period of political failure. You know, one of the two.

Ben Carson’s most bizarre speech yet

This presidential race has had some bizarre characters on both sides of the spectrum. However, there was no one quite like Dr. Ben Carson, whose sleepy campaign performance probably caused several cases of unconsciousness among others who listened to his slow drawls.

Of course, he took the stage Tuesday night as well for some more Hillary bashing. That being said, would you have ever guessed that you would hear Hillary Clinton and Lucifer mentioned in the same context? Have no fear, because Carson made that connection. It was something so bizarre that it could only come from the man who said that those who go into prison go in straight, before coming out gay. Or that Jews could have stopped the Holocaust if armed with guns. Ben, please go back to drinking NyQuil like it were Starbucks.

The King of white supremacy

Rep. Steve King turned heads in an MSNBC panel when he asked the following question:

“Where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

Is this the first time King has made racially insensitive remarks? Of course not. Will it be the last after the backlash? Not a chance. This remark is, to put it bluntly, textbook
white supremacy at its worst. We are living in racially sensitive times where we need to unite rather than discriminate more than ever. The fact is that with Trump, being racially insensitive has never been easier, and Steve King is a representation of all of that.

Rudy Giuliani draws inspiration from Jupiter Ascending

Have you ever seen the movie Jupiter Ascending? My guess would be no, given the fact that it flopped at the box office. Well, for those who didn’t, Eddie Redmayne plays a galactic emperor who is trying to keep Mila Kunis from becoming queen of the galaxy (If Mila Kunis was queen of the galaxy though, would anyone really complain?). Redmayne’s performance consists of shouting a lot at weird times before bringing it back down a few decibels. Then he shouts again.

Rudy Giuliani was Eddie Redmayne at the RNC. I’m so sorry to have insulted Eddie Redmayne like that. Looking back, he was a little more subtle than Giuliani.

For tonight’s entertainment, Rick Astley! 

No, Rick Astley was not actually there. But his spirit was present in the form of Melania Trump. After Donald Trump made his entrance Beyonce-style on Monday to introduce his wife, she gave a speech that quickly became riddled with plagiarism accusations of Michelle Obama’s speech back in 2008. However, it’s these two sentences that stood out for me:

“He will never, ever give up. And most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.”

Why hasn’t someone taken that clip, worked some autotuning magic, and given us a Melania Trump version of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” in the same vein as Antoine Dodson’s “Bed Intruder Song”? To The Gregory Brothers: if you’re out there, please make it happen. V

by Bill Loellke