Everybody knows that Chihuahuas are small and, well, sassy dogs. They’re salty specimens with big attitudes, and they’ll bite a bitch. It’s why we love them, and the inspiration behind this sweet and salty spring cocktail. Made with Exotico Blanco Tequila, the cocktail is balanced out with the tartness of the lemonade and the sweetness of pineapple. The salty rim makes your tongue pounce like the pooch itself with an array of flavor sensations. It’s simple but scrappy, just like the dog that inspired it all.


Make It


1 1/2 oz. Exotico® Blanco Tequila

5 fluid oz. lemonade

Splash Pineapple juice

1 wedge lime

Coarse salt



Wet the rim of a glass with lime juice, then dip in salt. Fill glass with ice. Pour in Exotico® Blanco Tequila and lemonade, plus a splash of pineapple. Squeeze and drop in the lime wedge. Stir. V