Have Them Come to You!

Just because you are staying in, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.  Chances are if you are suffering from a little cabin fever, so are most of your friends.  Instead of a fussy stressful party, consider inviting a small group over for a casual night in.  Consider hosting a themed (Tapas, Indian, comfort food, etc.) potluck.  Or just order some takeout or delivery pizza and pop in a movie.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to come over for some Pad Thai and “The Devil Wears Prada”?

Get out and Give

During the holidays, our thoughts may center on those who are less fortunate, yet, schedules are so tightly packed that many of us only catch a moment to make a donation here and there.  With the craziness of the holidays behind us, now is the perfect time to make a more meaningful donation of your time and effort.  A stint-even a short one-of volunteer work can truly make you value and appreciate your own achievements and personal connections while making the lives of others better.  Whether your interest is in planning a great event or cooking a warm, healthy meal, there are organizations chomping at the bit to benefit from your time, talent and energy.  Plus, you’ll likely meet some great new people!

Forget Resolutions; Take on a (Small) Project

The one thing a New Year’s resolution offers is the promise of a sense of accomplishment but who needs the added pressure?  I think a better avenue to self satisfaction is through taking on a little project.  Yes, you could always clean out clutter in the basement or garage but I’m thinking even smaller… and more fun.  What about getting all those thousands of pictures off your digital camera and organizing them into albums that you can share?  Or creating some new play lists of both your favorite new and old songs?  If you love to cook, chances are you have a ton of recipes that could use a little organizing.  And you don’t have to do it alone. Invite some friends over with their laptops and you can open a bottle of wine-or two- and do it together!

Spruce up Your Digs

Well, if you are stuck in your cabin, you might as well give it a little attention. I’m not talking about major renovations but, rather, little updates that you can accomplish in an evening or weekend.  Paint a couple of walls a fresh, new accent color, install some dimmers, or swap out dated cabinet hardware.  Or perhaps, enlist a little help and explore new furniture arrangements.  If you are tad more ambitious, consider installing a new tile backsplash or fireplace mantle and surround.  These are all examples of small, inexpensive fixes that you will enjoy everyday.

Try Something Out of the Box

Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing?  Are you curious about learning how to meditate? Maybe you’ve wanted to try your hand at something artistic?  The advent of the New Year is a perfect time to take on the challenge of exploring a long-standing curiosity or interest.  In addition, many of the local colleges and universities offer courses on a variety of subjects from Chinese Art to mastering Photoshop.  While some of these courses meet regularly throughout the academic semester, some of the workshops offered meet only a handful of times and are easy to work into busy schedules.

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