I really must give tons of credit to our Business and Marketing Director, Kristen Goodman for pulling out all of the stops to create an amazing event. In fact my entire team really stepped up to the plate so that you could celebrate who you are! I am honored that so many people came out to celebrate our diverse and prismatic community—gay and straight alike! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to the next V2 coming, January 2012.

Continuing on the event front—and it’s been a long time in-themaking—Vital VOICE and Alive Magazine are teaming up with Bud Light to present a series of networking happy hours for the LGBT professional. Our First event will be on Feb. 17th from 6pm to 9pm at the Loading Zone. I encourage all to attend and get connected at “OUT in the City!”

Now February has traditionally been reserved for bridal or wedding themes in lifestyle media. But since same sex couples can’t legally wed in Missouri—I thought why not do the “Sexy Issue” instead? Now that’s something we can all do—be sexy! I hope you enjoy all of the fun and informative content about how “sexy” our community can be. Even as far back as the iconic Josephine Baker, our community has been open about being sexy. I personally think it is one of our uniquely amazing attributes. So don’t be afraid to explore your sexy side!

While you’re in the exploring mood… head on over to www.thevitalvoice.com and check out our newly designed website. This new look and layout has been created to bring you up-to-date news, lifestyle stories, party pics, the digital issue of the magazine, our community events calendar and of course, our new Web TV channel featuring all of the hot videos produced by Vital VOICE Omni Media. There’s far too much to list—but I promise you—there’s plenty for you to explore.

Stay SEXY St. Louis,