Blast off your night with a Pearl Necklace. Made with Pearl Black vodka, the cocktail is a great start to get your body moving for the Return of the Divas at Queens In Space 5. We add in Viniq shimmery liqueur, a blend of vodka, moscato and natural fruit flavors— to add in the quintessential out-of-this-world element that will takes your senses to the next galaxy.

The Pearl Necklace

Make It

Glass: Martini


1oz Pearl Black vodka

1 ½ oz Viniq Liqueur

Splash of 7 Up



Cocktail strainer 


Pour vodka and Viniq liqueur in shaker. Shake heavily until well blended. Strain into martini glass. Top off the glass with 7 Up and watch the bubbles blend with the shimmer of the liqueur for a cosmic trip.

Too out of this world for you? Grab a Pearl Necklace at Queens In Space 5 on Thursday, June 1 on the rooftop of the Moonrise Hotel.V