Shores’s previous works have made lasting impressions on LGBT culture, and on mainstream culture alike. The star-studded cast of Sordid Lives: The Series included Olivia Newton-John and Rue McClanahan; and it was Logo’s biggest hit to date. Shores has amassed a bevy of awards and nominations for his various stage, film and television productions. He has written for multiple television shows including: Queer as Folk, Dharma & Greg and Touched by an Angel. Del Shores Sordid Confessions has thus far been touching the critics in all the right ways. 😉


After seeing Del perform Sordid Confessions in Dallas Arnold Wayne Jones, of Dallas Voice, wrote of the performance: “Strikes one chord after another with fits of laughter choked out between the painful recognition of the world’s madness. You Have been warned.”

Shores’s stand up routine is highly interactive for the audience. Shores basically took his conversational voice, along with the stories that he tells his friends after he’s had a few cocktails, and adapted them for the stage. He’s dredged moments of comedic gold from his own sordid biography, and relinquished any and all filters. In his own words, “I say whatever I want. I just don’t give a shit anymore.” Shores said he’d be ripping on his own “slut years” and on everyone who’s ever crossed his path. During the show he is prone to reading passages from some of his favorite internet stories, as well as passages from hate-mail that he receives. Shores says, “I’m the kind of guy who always writes back.” He responds to every letter, no matter how scathing, and his responses are often hair-raising, razor-tongued passages of pure comedic genius.


As an out celebrity Shores feels that it’s important to speak out and educate the public in an attempt to alleviate some of the ignorance that permeates this country. Thus he takes it personally when other celebrities go out of their way to perpetuate hateful stupidity. One such public figure is the former Saturday Night Live cast member, Victoria Jackson, who has recently begun espousing her feelings of disgust for our community. She criticized the TV show Glee for showing a kiss between two male actors, calling it “Sickening” When confronted for her homophobic statements, Jackson scoffed that “homophobic” was merely a “cute liberal buzzword” and she cited the bible in support of her views. So Shores decided to write Mrs. Jackson a letter elucidating some of the intricate by-laws of the bible that she seemed to have over looked. It began with, “Dear Fat Ass Adulterous Cunt, here are the scriptures that apply to you.” He went on to cite the scriptures that define gluttony as a sin; and he made the point that many fundamentalist Christian extremists choose to take certain passages from the bible literally, and completely ignore others.


During much of his previous work, especially the plays, Del was drawn to drama and to the darker side of humor. Much of this darkness came from dealing with the heavy issues of gender identity, sexuality, oppression, and religious confusion. Del assures that this show is definitely a little more on the bright side. It does deal with many of the same heavy issues, but the tone is much more cynical and audacious. Del is ready to get on stage, have a drink, and let the revelry commence. He claims that St. Louis is one of his favorite cities to perform in. He recalls having had thoroughly great times in our city before. He faintly remembers partying at Boxers and Briefs, and wants as many GoGo boys as possible to attend the show. Del keeps a special place in his heart reserved for GoGo boys. He actually activated a promotional code specifically for them. When purchasing tickets online any GoGo boy who enters the promo code GOGO will receive a $10 reduction off their ticket price. Those of us who aren’t professional dancers should still come prepared to dance. Del’s husband, Jason Dottley, is opening the show with a set of his songs, and will be rocking his new single Pop It. This event is sure to be as sexy as it is amusing.


At the close of the interview Del left me with two bits of advice: 1) I should dance on something during his show and take off my pants.. because then the $10-off GoGo discount would apply to me too and 2) I should never tell an Orthodox Jew that I like his sombrero.