Following on the heels of their hit drama “Feral,” gay subscription streaming service Dekkoo will release their second original series, “Love Is Blind” this coming Valentine’s Day.

Cute, sexy, and very funny, with a sweet soupçon of snark, “Love is Blind” follows sixteen single New York City men on eight (one per episode) off-the-wall, unpredictable, and blind-as-a-bat first dates. Voyeuristic viewers tag along for the day-long courtship as these courageous men turn each other on—and sometimes [snap!] turn on each other.

Matches potentially made in gay heaven are subjected to sexy/awkward ice-breaking activities–from wrestling matches and kink classes to body painting and tantric yoga–before being whisked away to a proper dinner date, where, clutching much needed drinks, the couples unwind, flirt and on occasion, fizzle.

“Love is Blind” is hosted by cheekily charming comedian Mike Kelton (Logo/MTV/VH1), who provides hilarious running commentary and “in-depth” analysis throughout each episode.

“Love is Blind” debuts Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017 on The trailer will be released on January 4. Meanwhile, below are a few screengrabs from Episode 1, where New Yorkers Nick and Steve meet with wrestling coach-daddy Crush (“Of course your name’s ‘Crush’,”quips Steve), before scooting off to a proper and very cute dinner date.

“Love is Blind” debuts on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017 on, home to the hit original drama, “Feral.” is the new gay subscription streaming service offering more gay films and shows than Netflix or Amazon Prime. Free for the first 14 days. V

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