I’m sure that the most of the community was skeptical about the change. But over time, I’ve seen both the LGBT community and our straight friends come to embrace our new style and direction. I personally cannot thank you enough and I am truly grateful to all of our advertisers who have supported us this past year. Most importantly, I am thankful for my amazing staff for all of their hard work and patience in putting up with my crazy and creative self. I am forever indebted to you!


With the year ahead, we have so much to look forward to. First and foremost will be our new website at thevitalvoice.com. This new version will be user-friendly and provide you with more current and up to date stories, videos, promotions, a calendar of events and the brand new V List. The V List will be your all new online digital directory of LGBT community resources. Along with the new website we want to continue to expand our print publication. Therefore, I ask you St. Louis—what have you liked this past year? What should we omit from the magazine? What should we add? Please submit your opinion to vitalvoicemag@gmail.com. We are all ears!


St. Louis, we do this for you—so I ask you and encourage you to get involved. Let your friends and family know about Vital VOICE. The more we can get businesses and people involved with our publication the more we can bring you. I love St. Louis and my community. Accordingly, we want to grow and continue to showcase, promote and celebrate everything that is awesome about the Gateway City rainbow.


Until next year, Happy HoliGAYS!

Darin Slyman