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The Middle of Somewhere



A recent conversation with my partner, Tim, left me literally speechless. The conversation was simple enough, just us talking over beers after work, but four little words nearly sent me into a panic attack.


“We are middle aged.”

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Craig Pomranz: Creating Silence


songCreating silence has always been Craig Pomranz’s goal as a singer.  He attempts to find new dimensions in ways through popular jazz pieces or new obscure lyrical material to create a palpable reaction from his listeners.

From the beginning Pomranz was taught to leave an audience in awe by his vocal talents and training he received from Lynn Cohen, his St. Louis mentor and the character Magda from “Sex in the City.”

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The Children: A Battle at the Ball


“The BALL starts in twenty minutes,” a voice from the DJ booth speakers explodes across an empty skating rink. “If your girls aren’t here get on the phone and tell them this is the motha-fu*king spot.”

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The Mayor of Cherokee Street


Angelo2The first time I met Cherokee Street’s Angelo Olegna I thought he was a real bitch.

Standing in Old North with a few mutual friends and we struck up a conversation about the city. I’ve been a city enthusiast since I first laid eyes on St. Louis in 1997, so I’m excited to see so many twenty-somethings like Angelo moving in from the suburbs to once forgotten city neighborhoods. In the midst of the conversation though I started to get the impression he was skeptical of MY street cred!

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Pride on the East Side


35681_436421047017_672192017_5743735_3228511_nWith  January well under way, only 6 -months remain until LGBT Pride 2011.  And while St. Louis Pridefest (held the last month in June) is the Midwest’s largest festival—a lesser-known, newer festival is doing great things across the river. 

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I’ve Learned to Love my Body


work.825410.2.flat550x550075f.human-heartWe live in a superficial society. There is no way to be more blunt. We live in a superficial society. Whenever you turn on the television or open a magazine, you are bombarded with pictures—either static or moving—of what our society deems beautiful. Why? Look back to my opening statement. We live in a superficial society.

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V-Squared a Success


100_9438aST. LOUIS – Hundreds of revelers packed Lumen on  Locust, Jan. 15 to celebrate 30-years of Vital VOICE in LGBT media


Indeed, V-Squared lived up to its billing as the exponentially-amazing anniversary party of the year as guests took advantage of the open bar, endless appetizers and A-list crowd.


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Review: “The Year of Magical…”


8Fontaine Syer as Joan Didion, the author and protagonist of The Year of Magical Thinking, takes the stage, looks around the audience with a direct gaze and tells us: “This happened on Dec. 30, 2003. That may seem a while ago but it won’t when it happens to you. And it will happen to you.”

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