Dip Me In Honey and Feed Me To the Bears!
Bear City Delivers a Furry Keke

The snow has melted and the bears are horny. Bear City is the grand finale at this year’s QFest and delivers a truly, funny queer sex comedy about our furry bear brethren.

It’s summer in New York and young cub Tyler surfs the net for “daddy bears” and has wet dreams of mounting Santa doggy style. Stoner bears and partners Brent and Fred flirt with an open relationship while friend Michael looks for work through The Recession and DILF-stud Roger tops every glam bear in their gentrified Manhattan gayborhood.

Bear City is dirty fun. It won at Outfest in 2010 for Best Screenplay and is the type of queer indie you’ll want to watch over and over. Chasers will enjoy the eye-candy as the boys frolic in and out of beds during their summer bear pride parties . The acting, dialogue and music are outrageous and clique but once the cringe wears off you’re hooked. If you’re a bear or have slept with one (Or wanted to), you’ll laugh because you know these characters are real.

The story ultimately ends with your typical rom-com ending, sort of….a possible Bear City sequel in San Francisco?? But along the way you’ll keke with the audience and leave with some serious bear envy.

We give Bear City two paws up!

Show Dates
Sun, April 17th at 8:30 PM


Fag Hag Fairytale
Mindy Cohn Looks for Love in Violet Tendencies

We all know Mindy Cohn as Natalie Green, the bubbly, Jewish big girl in The Facts of Life but in Casper Andreas’ Violet Tendencies she plays foul mouthed and sexually frustrated Violet. Violet is approaching forty and the last fag hag standing among her circle of New York homos. She’s chronically single and in her words, “Deserves someone to love me and my pussy!”

Cohn plays Violet with great comedic energy and the funniest moments of the movie come from Violet’s unfiltered mouth like when she begins to describe her FUPA on a first date. She gives an enduring and warm face to our straight female allies and although she may not be an exact interpretation of your own personal fag hag you’ll still find yourself in her corner as she searches for her “fag stag“.

This is the Andreas’ third film that also follows anchor characters Markus and Luke (played by Andreas and Jesse Archer in 2004’s Slutty Summer and 2007‘s A Four Letter Word). Luke is Violet’s roommate and Archer continues to play him with a steady level of arrested-emotional development and faggotry that lends to his fear of monogamy with lover Darian while Andreas’ character Markus wants to start a family with hunky partner Riley. The multiple plot lines flow smoothly and the cast firmly embody their roles as a queer, New York family of lovers and friends.

Tendencies is a big leap in production and cinematography from Andreas’ first feature Slutty Summer. The story lacks substance and like Andreas’ other films, the humor is grounded in the sex lives of urban gay men that won’t necessarily appeal to every queer.

You won’t find anything ground breaking here but that’s not the point. Enjoy Violet Tendencies because even queer cinema deserves some raunchy film fluff.

Show Dates
Sat, April 16th at 9:15 PM
Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJi_HtHFLFY


Love on the Dance Floor
A Different Kind of Romance in Leading Ladies

A dysfunctional family comedy paired with a coming-of-age lesbian musical-romance set on the ballroom floor could be the single-sentence synopsis of this award-winning independent film.

The dysfunction lies in the mother-daughter relationships between sisters Tasi and Toni and their overbearing and demanding mother Sheri. Sheri is a red-headed Italian and a former ballroom dancing queen who chain smokes and bitches as if she were a drag queen. Tasi is the spoiled, prima donna Sheri rides like a stock horse for a ballroom championship while Toni is the more pragmatic, plain jane. The women bicker and butt heads as they prepare for an upcoming championship but along the way Toni finds love on the dance floor with blonde-bombshell Mona forcing her to confront not only her identity but also a stubborn Sheri.

Leading Ladies has floated around the international film festival circuit and for good reason. The film is a refreshing and upbeat take on the traditional “coming-out” story. The choreography and music combined with a lesbian plot line turns what could have been a boring movie into a romantic and charming musical. The acting is fresh and energizing and although it may not be Oscar worthy material the actors pull you into their characters as they move into new territories of relationships and love while dancing across the screen.

Dance buffs will appreciate the bold choreography but even if you have two left feet Leading Ladies is still a feel-good movie with a sweet theme: love leads.

Show Dates
Fri, April 15th at 7:00 PM