When you shop this year on the infamous money-saving, crowd surfing holiday of Black Friday, expect to be extra close to certain types of characters. Packed like sardines in a store, you tend to see the same reoccurring types of people out on this dark, yet rewarding day. Sure, you’ll get your deals and holiday steals, but the entire experience of Black Friday is an adventure in and of itself. With stores opening way before business hours, and many even opening on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and see these characters in action. So, we’ve put together an outline of the types on individuals you can expect to run into while out on this popular shopping holiday.


The Mommy Dearest mommy

The mothers that appear as if they bake a mean pie but will seriously turn on you so quickly when it comes to the last half-priced TV at Best Buy. You know she already promised her son his 48-inch holiday gift and she will never let you intercept that. Just prepare for a strongly-worded fight with this classic type or simply move on. Let’s face it, you just aren’t winning today.



2The Millennial

Many fall into this category of 20-something, hip individuals who spot out the deals before Black Friday. Like the Mommy Dearest types who do their homework, Millennials also strive to save money and know exactly what they want when they arrive. They aren’t backing down because, in their heads, they pretty much need this deal or die. Sometimes a new laptop can make or break this type and they aren’t about to back down and give up.



The Go-Getter3

This type doesn’t plan anything. They are most likely to be middle-aged single men and women who have stupid money to spend but nothing that they really need. If you happen to be in the first store this shopper hits, they will most likely be creepily checking you out the whole time while buying up everything in sight to potentially impress you. They aren’t the type to shop around, and basically are only shopping on this day to meet others doing the same thing in order to score some new goodies for their pad.


4The Trust Fund Baby

Literally, babies. Have you truly noticed the amount of 18 and under high school students that treat this holiday as a ritualistic task of buying up everything for the whole next year? With their allowance saved up all year to splurge like adults on this day, they don’t hold back. It’s amazing how they manage to coordinate and purchase a whole new closet on this day, all for a tremendous steal. This is the early stage of people who will end up later being the Mommy Dearest type, showing skills early on.




The Veteran

These are men and women who have long lived this entire Black Friday era and have picked up a thing or two from experience. They may not know cyber deals like you, but they do know the best spots to camp outside the store beforehand. They’ve got the “in” with employees and will outsmart you in every way in order to achieve the last $20 set of 800 thread-count sheets. They prepare all year for this and have been doing it for ages. You might as well try your luck online.


The Color Coordinates6

The families of people or close friends that literally wear the same color shirt—if not the same homemade t-shirt—so they can easily spot out their teammates in the sea of people at the mall. They are carefully coordinated not only by color, but with pristine strategy by having each person from the team wait in different lines for a desired product. Usually lead by the Mommy Dearest type and likely to outsmart any tactic you may have, they are packing a mean dart to the register. Don’t fall for the family’s five-year-old kid creating diversions—They are carefully mapped out and put in place to distract you.



The six types shared above will undoubtedly be a part of your Black Friday experience: you will witness all of the six. The good thing about briefing yourself on the types of people you will run into beforehand: You have time to create hopeful plans that may outsmart the moms, vets and five-year-olds alike. Good luck, and happy shopping. V